The art of making art, Donna Lee Dumont

Pen to Paper

IMG_2183 June 23 2016 Alcohol Ink 1

Following upon the previous blog post about Gunnar Mines alumni, Donna Lee’s role as educator can’t be separated from her art. In 2012, she wrote and colourfully illustrated a children’s book Peter Fidler and the Métis. Fidler was an explorer and mapmaker for the Hudson’s Bay Company. He married a Cree woman and Donna Lee is a descendant of this union. The book relates Fidler’s story but is, at the same time, a portrait of the oft-troubled Métis history in Canada and Donna Lee’s personal journey into her Aboriginal heritage.

She also illustrated Ken “Manny” Carron’s award-winning book Manny’s Memories, published in 2014 which has a similar focus on Métis life in Canada. Most recently, Donna Lee completed a series of ten small paintings, featuring aspects of traditional Métis life, for the Gabriel Dumont Institute in Saskatchewan, an organization that promotes Métis culture.

Although Donna Lee paints…

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